This technique is designed to ignite every cell in the body with the ability to communicate from one to the other with a new frequency that will aid the body’s release of density, helping to anchor new forms of support and aiding the transformation through levels yet to come or previously not accepted. This session allows the light of new vision into your existing reality, enabling the soul to truly shift into the next level of sub-level of your initiation.

Remember that all substance abuse will fracture integrations.

Possible shifts from:

  • Mental and physical stagnation
  • Emotional, mental and physical paralysis
  • Fatigue
  • Back and hip pain
  • Joint stress in general
  • Much, much more!


New side effects:

  • Intensified self-awareness
  • Dispersion of illusion of dis-ease
  • Acceptance and release of anger
  • Trust
  • Fulfilment of forgiveness


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