During the course of our daily living and thinking, even with the greatest care and self-supervision, through the energy of the “automatic pilot” mind we create all sorts of portals and gateways within our experiences that access the multidimensional reality of our paradigm. Some of these are powerful and positive. On the other hand, some are also powerful and negative.

This session is designed to clear all negative spin-offs and realign the Divine Threshold with the positive Gateways, therefore allowing God’s divine Will and Purpose to manifest within your higher creation.

This session can greatly assist those who are sentiently sensitive and feel a little schizophrenic on occasion; experiencing a multitude of personalities in their negative balance is frustrating and un-nerving. This method holographically removes the bleed-through and fear of losing control of the personality.

Possible density shifts from:

  • Unbalanced view of challenged sub-personality
  • Suicidal tendencies
  • Lack of oxygen intake
  • Much, much more!


New side effects:

  • Deeper breathing
  • New-found freedom in the lower mind
  • The release of judgement through shadow
  • Grounding


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