Melchizedek himself overlights this R.E.T. through the I AM presence of any individual that is worked upon. The R.E.T. itself speaks for itself: the Golden Rod acts as an axis similar as that which supports the Earth, “axis” meaning holographic “rod line” about which a body rotates. The central column of any symmetrical body is the anchoring Golden Rod on the Cosmic level of that body; as the Earth is anchored by its axis, so too does an individual’s Spinal Rod align cosmically with the higher grids of light.

A rotation method is used during this process in which the higher mind of the individual is anchored into the immediate Grid in alignment with the higher chakras. All major and minor meridians will experience a greater flow of “cosmic law” enabling a higher purpose and alignment of true self to serve the personality. This is designed in preparation for the Cosmic Tree of Life R.E.T. sessions (to be revealed at a later date).

The grid of the Omniverse flows through this axiational alignment towards the session’s end, pushing one ever so gently once more to a new limit or paradigm experience in the now, creating an expanded future of the higher Heart Mind.

This is all I am prepared to say at this stage regarding this R.E.T. technique, though I will finish by adding that the Rod itself holds”Cosmic Encodings”.

Density shifts:

  • All levels physically, all the way out
  • New incomings
  • Multi-dimensional integration
  • Omnipresence, omniscience and higher telepathy
  • Increased levels of energy differentiation – higher clarity


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