Ra-Elohim is a Master Metaphysician

All humans who choose after 1st consult to indulge in drugs that are termed as recreational will be charged $2,888.00. Some of us are aware of the detriment on all levels that it actually facilitates, however many are not aware, it wrecks creation, NOT Recreational!!!!! FIRST CONSULT, $250.00 as normal, thereafter, conscious self-abuse is $2,888.00.

Rael will be facilitating all sessions as a RET, which means Remote Etheric Technique until mid-2014, no physical sessions till then. Blessings love and goodness to all. Rael.

What this actually means is that she uses her gifts as a highly tuned psychic to heal people. During a healing she confers with her many colleagues and guides on the higher spiritual realms, as well as communicating with the higher self or selves of the person to be healed, and with the agreement of all facilitates on this earthly plane the process of healing the individual. This process can and generally involves a multi-faceted approach, specifically suited to the person’s needs.

Ra-el aims to heal ALL facets of the individual as a harmonious whole – the physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies – and bring forth the individual into their own unique space of complete power and mastery.


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3. Payment Terms

4. Conditions

5. Emergency Calls

6. One-on-one Healing Sessions7. Workshops

8. Phone Consultations

9. Techniques Utilised

10. Remote Etheric Techniques

IMPORTANT – please read carefully!

All clearing of parasitic or alien implants and spirit attachments, and any associated entity work, only remains clear if individuals maintain harmony. Harmony is maintained through the non-use of drugs

eg. marijuana, ecstacy, cocaine, heroine, speed, L.S.D. etc. Harmony is maintained through the constant application of love to self and all others. Harmony is maintained through mastering your thoughts. Harmony is maintained through integrity and purity at all times. Harmony is the resolution of fear = anger.


Harmony is realisation.

There are plenty of opportunities for individuals to recreate or collect negative attachments, even after a comprehensive clearing has been facilitated. The clarity and integrity of any individual is the sole responsibility of that individual, and Ra-el can only assist the realisation of an individual’s expressed desire to be closer to the Light.

Ra-el reserves the right to withhold her services from any individual who abuses or refuses to respect the healing processes she initiates and facilitates on behalf of the Brotherhoods and Councils of the Light.




Dear Humanity

Many thanks always for your interest in personal development.

As a part of exercising healthy boundaries we must notify that apart from giving
address details and placing appointment time and date, any further communication,
which leads into stories or attempted release will be charged at $10 a minute.

The reason for this is HEALTHY BOUNDARIES.

Ra-El is highly empathic and the facilitation for healing begins
immediately in which case the exchange needs to be balanced.



Appointment Details

To Make Appointments And Arrange Payments:

CALL the Pyramid of Light Centre, Sydney, Australia:

Mobile +61 4 0484 8280

Weekend Appointments for Consultations with Ra-el are currently booked up


while weekday appointments are


Please keep this in mind when making your appointment – Ra-el
can make no exceptions for one-on-one healing sessions. If
an emergency arises, see Emergency Calls

Payment Terms

Payment must be received prior to phone
consultations, or at the end of your private consultation!

Once appointments are confirmed with Pyramid Of Light,
payment is via Cash, Money Order, PayPal or Credit Card*
*payment via credit card incurs a $20 surcharge.

People who cancel their appointments or fail to show will not receive
a refund of their session fee. Every attempt will be made to try and
reschedule your appointment if the schedule allows.



  • Due to the overwhelming demand on Ra-el’s time and energies, the charging of some fee is INEVITABLE.
  • Please do not assume that Ra-el supplies her time and attention for free, as this is not the case, regardless of your personal relationship with Ra-el.
  • Ra-el treats every consultation EQUALLY, regardless of how short in duration or apparently trivial the focus of the consultation.
  • All CANCELLATIONS within ONE WEEK of due date of appointments, one-to-one sessions, phone sessions and otherwise, will attract a cancellation fee of $50 regardless of circumstances.


Ra-el offers her services with honour and integrity, wholly respecting every individual on all levels.

Ra-el is eternally forgiving, however Ra-el reserves the right to decline or refuse service to any individual who does not respect these
guidelines until reparations or payments are made.

No judgement is implied of any individual who has NOT met their obligations with Ra-el OTHER THAN the judgement that can be made based upon an individual’s choices and actions as to whether they wish to continue their relationship with Ra-el with honour and integrity.

Ra-el’s decisions, within the context of all consultations and made through infinite love and the highest wisdom, are FINAL.

Please respect your appointments, and ensure that all phone enquiries are made during business hours.



Emergency Calls

Emergency Consultations after Business Hours will attract an extra surcharge of $111.00

(for example: a one-on-one consultation with Ra-el is $250 – a
one-on-one emergency consultation without prior appointment and outside
Business Hours will therefore be charged at $361).

One-on-one Healing Sessions

One-on-one Private Healing Sessions – Bookings essential!

Personal Healing Sessions: $250 (approx. 1½ hours).
Relationship / Couple Healing Sessions: $450


(Please contact Pyramid Of Light for further information)

Phone Consultations

(Please remember to make bookings)
60 minutes : $ 220
45 minutes : $ 199
30 minutes : $ 88
Additional Minutes : $ 10 *

* including communication (other than placing an appointment) via phone and text that will be considered during a consultation

Techniques Utilised

Some of the techniques Ra-el incorporates in her Personal Healing Sessions:


  • Ascension Rays Initiation
  • Sacred Light Body Integration
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Holographic Alchemy
  • Telekinetics With Merlin
  • “Merkabah” Vehicle of Light Repair
  • Soul & Para-Psychology
  • Repatterning & Divine Bluprint Activation
  • Past, Present & Future Integration and Clearing
  • Mental, Emotional, Energetic & Physical Clearing
  • Inner Child/Shadow/Sub-Personalities/Adult Clearing
  • Clearing of Entities, Parasites, Discarnate Attachments & Alien Implants
  • Genetic Implant Removal
  • Specialising in Drug Awareness & Clearing

Remote Etheric Techniques (R.E.T.s)

Sessions specifically designed for individuals by the Council and Ra-Elohim. R.E.T. sessions are performed on an individual during sleep – no prior knowledge of or contact with Ra-el is necessary. R.E.T.s can be booked on behalf of and for yourself, family members and friends when circumstances prevent seeing Ra-el in person.

For detailed descriptions of each R.E.T., please follow the links:

Dreamtime Light Integration – this session is a prerequisite for any other R.E.T.

Full Description

Cellular Encoding & Higher Light Integration
Full Description

Sacred Light Language Activation Integration
Full Description

Divine Blueprint Recalibration
Full Description

Gateway & Spinoff Clearing, Activation and Reconnection to Divine Threshold
Full Description

Light Language & Ancient Tongue Encoding & Reactivation of Higher Sound Toning Through Lost Rays
Full Description

Personal Space or House/Land Alignment and Clearing – Advanced Gridwork
Full Description

Karmic Matrix Holographic Removal
Full Description

Golden Spinal Rod Infusion – “Order of Melchizedek”
Full Description

Higher Light Integrations of the Cosmic Tree of Life (22 sessions)
Full Description

The Dolphin R.E.T. Sessions
Full Description

Master Number R.E.T. Sessions
Full Description

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