The Tree of Life emanations are the activations to this healing experience integrating the 22 pathways according to the Hermetic cabala and the Cosmic Tree. The 22 pathways intersect or interact at 10 spheres of attributes:

Keter – CrownChokmah – Wisdom

Binah – Insight

Chesed – Mercy

Gevurah – Strength

Tipheret – Beauty

Netzakh – Victory

Hod – Splendour

Yesod – Foundation

Malkhut – Kingdom

(Of course, there are many more energies and variations to the individual ten sephiroth – the above list is merely a simplification.)

This series of 22 individual R.E.T.s focus on each insight of the possible energy combinations (for example the channel of relationship between Tipheret and Hod, between beauty and splendour), anchoring and clearing these realms and laying the foundations for new levels of experience, transformation and regeneration within the unique combination of sephiroth.

The Tree of Life R.E.T.s are quite intricate and detailed for each individual who chooses to partake in this energy work. However, it is advised that all 22 pathways (sessions) of the Tree of Life R.E.T.s are completed once this journey has begun.

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