This beautifully designed technique works in clearing holographically the individual’s “computers”, Earthly as well as Heavenly. We all have many etheric computers that drive our karmic experiences. We, the Council of Light, in unison with the I AM presence shift certain “veils” from the computers and then download “new/old” wisdom, completely deleting limiting experiences. However, this is generally done in layers according to the level of light body in the individual concerned.

I love this technique for, without fail, the moment I tune in and am ready to begin the session my delightful and joyous friend Master Djwal Khul is ready with his “laser light colours”. The divine action of Metatron also supports this R.E.T.

Density shifts from:

  • Fixed and inflexible mental states, though all bodies follow suit within their own unique level of transformation
  • Respitory and heart problems
  • Impurities of the physical blood
  • Much, much more!


New side effects:

  • Realisation and release from old paradigms
  • Higher levels of physical vitality
  • New levels of good humour – “Life’s a game: play it!”


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