The immersion in water and use of water for purification into rites and ceremonies of the Great White Brotherhood in Egypt was introduced by one of the great avatars known as El Moyra.

Born at Lake Moeris in Egypt in his first known incarnation, he was educated and prepared for his great mission, and established the principle of the law of baptism as a spiritual step in the process of initiation.


El Moyra was also the prophet Eliah who, in a later incarnation, became the one known as the Essenes, John the Baptist, at which time he continued the ceremonial ancient Egyptian rites of purification by water. El Moyra also incarnated as the Pharoah King Akhenaton (or Amenhotep IV), and in this lifetime initiated Unity Consciousness in its first reappearance in modern history following the Fall of Atlantis and the dimming of Earth’s light that subsequently followed.

Fulfilling her encoding as the twin flame of El Moyra, Ra-el has facilitated with the guidance of the Brotherhood of Light the creation of a whole range of divine Light Infusions, maintaining the vision and blessings bestowed by the Waters of Life.

Ra-el continues:

“These Light Infusions are specifically channelled through templates of light, colour and sound, through Sacred Alchemy and direct infusion, with specific variation according to the individual Infusion’s vibration. The Infusions themselves are of levels of Peace and Love that I cannot place into words, each and every energy similar and yet so different, working on all levels: the oversoul, the soul extensions; etherically, mentally, emotionally and physically. Their gentle yet profound abilities are truly of Divine Magnificence.

These Infusions have also received a Blessing from our beloved Sathya Sai Baba, truly a Master, and a dear personal friend.”

Why have these Infusions arrived only now?

“The reason for this is because of the entering into the new energy of 2000 and beyond, and at these times of change people of the Earth are experiencing deeper and accelerated levels of mutation or initiation. I am told that we as humanity are ready to integrate much deeper levels of Love, and the Infusions are a great tool for anchoring the Light-body.

We have already had the honour and presence of bushflowers, crystals, shells, aromatherapy etc. through essences, and now the Ascended Beings are opening even more levels of Unified Creation to all of humankind. Once again we are being called upon to a full awakening and a heartfelt joy that has always been within our reach. The illusions and veils are literally being lifted, we are creating synthesis and unity so much easily, and now, with the divine manifestation of these Infusions, all who are drawn to the Light are even more ready to accelerate their path to Ascension and liberation.”

Specific Information for all 33 Light Infusions

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