I adore this session. Long ago, the descension of Humankind cut off certain frequencies, particularly those of the higher rays. This session is designed with me being the anchor for the Lost Rays, to act as the receiver/transmitter, directing these energies into all the bodies of the client, once again activating the remembrance of all other sound frequencies that are required to once again crystallise the “bodies’ into divine harmonic scriptures.

The Light Infusions of Lost Rays and Torah Or will support the individual after the integrations are complete.

This blissful and powerful session activates the illuminating energy of the original 12 strand DNA, allowing the unification of Spirit Harmonics into the body.

The Ancient Tongues and Lost Rays are integrated by myself through deep trance directly through the grace of the “Council of Light” and are appropriate to each individual and their light quotient as over seen by their higher self and Spirit.

Possible shifts from:

  • Density on all levels
  • Much, much more!


New side effects:

  • Bliss – Elohim


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