Master Number 11
The connection between brotherhood and sisterhood. The connection which reflects the all – I AM I, I AM you, I AM Female and Male at one.

Master Number 22
Actualization of God I AM in totality of existence,, the understanding of God, outside of self, combining the frequency of realization of self therefore creating a more realised expression of wholeness.

Master Number 33
Personal power over the physical realm revealed and the power of application is facilitated. Key Word: “Patience”

Master Number 44
Transformation of self continued metamorphically within those vibrations both with determination and acceleration with ease.

Master Number 55
The extension of happiness is the key facilitation with this manifestation. Each event circumstance/ experience aligns in absolute precision and beneficial co-creation. Strategic techniques are within this frequency.

Master Number 66
Divine order of creation, combined advanced energy applications assisting one within the balance of earth and the celestial order. The concepts of organization, resolution are within the range of 66.

Master Number 77
Transcendence, illumination and non-restriction are the flow, through divine devotion and stamina. The Synthesis of Mahatma. The concept of totality is 77. Father sky/ Mother Earth experienced in unity.

Master Number 88
The facilitation and elevation of the infinite and the knowing of the heart is the actualisation, significantly reflecting revelations, unrestricted compassion and capabilities.

Master Number 99
Evolution on all levels are within the range of completeness, all appropriate path expressions may be imparted. Flexibility in consciousness, the unification of past, present and future in the now; the integrations and gains appreciated: the vibration of 99 is transpiring with great reflections of I AM.

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