This R.E.T. is wonderful – Mother Earth herself supports the level of channelling and integration unified with the creation of the Higher Worlds and Masters.

There are specific vortex integrations and geometrical activations, that are also suitable for individuals, that relate to the outer boundaries, meaning that homes and/or properties also greatly benefit because of the ripple effect. The activations of Light and Sacred Geometry literally initiate global realignments allowing the love lines of the Earth’s grid into a grater level of expansion for all to benefit.

Possible shifts from:

  • “Heebee geebees”
  • Restricted psychic activity
  • Flickering electric lights
  • Faulty electricity
  • Poltergeist activity
  • Interrupted and fearful sleep
  • Feelings of being sat upon during sleep
  • Emotional turbulence
  • Much, much more!


New side effects:

  • Highest level of feng shui
  • Stillness
  • Positive emptiness
  • Heightened relaxation
  • Beautiful slumber
  • Harmonious relationships
  • Unified family space


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