The Eye of God

I have just recently heard of techniques that claim to permit you through the Eye of God or releasing gravity and time etc. etc. Without judgement I would like to question, or rather make a statement of truth.

You are never apart from the Eye or Sacred Heart of God. Gravity or time can be transcended at the blink of an eye, by anyone, at any time. Furthermore, I would like to add that it needs to acknowledged by many people that their journeys through meditation, though powerful and connecting, are just a state of being, and to achieve this state of being one needs merely intention, and then personal discipline through the deliverance of living truth and integrity. There is nothing outside of self, and there is nothing that anyone can give you that is not already within you.

The higher worlds will reflect their reality when the initiate is worthy of choice in the life and of living.

Coming home is simple, but not necessarily “easy”. The pathway to home can be summed up in one word: sincerity. Once sincerely someone desires movement and growth then it truly is delivered through the grace of God. It is then up to the individual to see the return of energy manifested.

We are all striving for what we think is completion – let us now break that illusion. Spiritual evolution is eternal, there is always a new level of attainment. Just ask God – God will tell you. This has been the message always. In truth, there is never a time when we stop working, even in the higher heavens . . and then some!

Why do some people feel the need to control our perception of our own innate power, our own right to access God? Why do some people make living in the light seem so complicated? I will tell you why. It is because we as humanity, and some of us more than others, feel the need to be seen as being “right”. To create this illusion of being “right” these individuals’ egos may demand that not just one or two people say this to them, but many, who are also play their part in this game. In the clear light of day, however, this need to appear “right” can be seen simply an exercise in control; “God forbid,” some labouring under this illusion may say to themselves, “if we release this, if we stop playing this control game, we will be weak!” This in itself is undeniably a position of “weakness”, a self defeating ideal.

Let us also break the chain of illusion. You can use as many techniques as you like, but if you don’t consciously apply higher psychology on self as well, forget it. All that you have worked on can drop away in an instant. Yes, I am saying your level of light body around you can be contaminated again and again. The real key is self-understanding, listening to the One-Heart within – this is the foundation for true progress and spiritual evolution.

Those of you who have attended the elaborate workshops claiming to make you the master of something over a weekend or weeks have been fooled, and what’s worse is that you are stuck in the illusion of belief.

I just recently lectured a group on this subject. I spoke of such things as mastery and belief, and I stated what I say here, that such perceptions of “easy mastery” are false. Some people think they are a master of Reiki after weeks of learning, and some people who come to see me call themselves masters of learning, yet continue to smoke pot, take ectasy etc. Indeed, they are masters of that realm: Master Illusionists!

Healing while under such etheric clouds of drugs only means that people’s mastery does not come easy. Without drugs, mastery comes through lifetimes of integrations, mistakes and realisations.

So, please don’t give your power away, especially to illusion – acknowledge your divinity now through nothing else other than the truth that is your natural state of soul expression. I, from the beloved Council, ask that you be wary, wary of the many that proclaim. Challenge always, and especially don’t give your power to me – I don’t need it. I am who I am. I am aware without doubt of my divinity, and even in times of mental frailty I can quickly catch my disconnections with the Source and love them away.

The many levels of creation in truth exist in the one space. Remember your higher access to your higher truth; this is your final key to further and beyond, and then some . . . and then some more!

Let us continue to fill our own vessels with the light of the I AM THAT I AM, let’s enjoy ourselves in unity and humour, and enjoy our time of expansions and constrictions. I am eternally thankful for all experiences I accumulate in Earth school, and give thanks to all who love and who judge me, for it is the mirror I AM that I must see in order to exist in unity.




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