Akhenaton and Buddha are my favourite (Light Infusions). I have memories of old Egyptian beliefs, some good, some bad, and have found new levels of discipline and letting go of old tramus that were once buried deep. Thanks Akhenaton for One-ness. Lots of love and light,
B. Fredericks, Sydney, Australia
Melchizedek has been quite an inspiration to me as I have been working with Dr. Joshua Stone’s teachings from some time. Thanks, Ra-el, as this Infusion greatly serviced my ability in working for the Light, for myself and for others.
K. Friend, Tasmania, Australia
Dear Ra-el, I have been a fearful person all of my life. I am of ethnic origin and some of the programming I have held are truly horrendous. I had been taking the Kuan Yin (Light Infusion) for 2 weeks, and on the third week I saw her in my dream. She was pouring the waters out of a blue bottle. I then saw your face golden and smiling. The next morning I felt a deep change within me — I cannot explain it in words, however. I wanted to extend my gratitude to you and the Council, and especially to Kuan Yin.
M. Sommers, Newcastle, Australia
Ra-el, I have never met you. My friend brought me the Dolphin’s Light Infusion from the Mind Body Spirit Festival last year as a gift, and truly it was! I am clairaudiently open and could quite clearly hear sound waves not human in this Infusion, I enjoyed its light immensely.
Tara, Canada
My favourites of all the Infusions are the Angelic ones. I loved the others too, but the gentleness in the healing ability from the Angel’s Light was amazing. Look forward to seeing you soon.
Thanks, Ra-el.
B. Moore, Brisbane, Australia
Thanks, St. Germain Infusion! I have never experienced such a powerful cleansing and transmutation in a rescue essence before. By far this is the superior. Thanks Ra-el Pyrmaid of Light and Council.
R. Harris, Bondi, Australia
I love the humour of Djwal Khul. I thought at first not much was happening, then about 1 week later I found myself at a lighter pace of heart and not taking life so seriously. Suddenly it dawned on me that I had been consciously asking for more fun and joy. Thanks ra-el. Oh, I love your workshops! When is your next one day one?
M. Thompson
To Ra-el, During your Wesak full moon meditation I experienced a powerful gift. During the journey channeled through by you we were given a unique gift individually. For me what I saw given to me was like sacred ashes. When the journey was complete and I opened my eyes, in the palm of my hand were grains of sand-like material. It literally manifested there during the meditation.
Clinton, Sydney, Australia
Dear Ra-el, With your love, help and support I now understand the depth of these words I wrote 18 months ago. My mantra: One of the greatest honors we can serve ourselves is acceptance of the truth of who we really are. Confusion, fear, doubt and despair; faith, vision and belief in ourselves; all shape our world. Being honest about their degrees of reality at times of transition and while determining principles allows ourselves the freedom to enjoy an exhilirating love of life, and love of ourselves. An enlightened mind leads to the most wonderful place — you. Be open to change for it delivers choice. As you look inside yourself you will find the truths of existence, the wisdom and the strength to achieve all that you aspire to.”
With love,
Thank you, Ra-el. I feel so much more at peace and with a feeling of new found clarity since taking your Light Infusions. A. Bridge, Victoria, Australia
Did you know that your Light Infusions begin to taste differently from one to another? Many thanks — I have been working with Clarity/Iofiel and Dolphin’s Light, and feel quite deep levels of facilitation.
M. R. Banks, Rasmania, Australia
I love the balance through the Alpha/Omega Light Infusion. Instantly upon taking it I could feel the unity and clearing. Thank you, Council of Light.
J. Latoy, Mt Shasta, California, USA
I can feel and taste the beloved Earth every time I take the Thoth Infusion. I love the fact that there is no alcohol within the waters.
T. Jackson, Sydney, Australia
The Torah Or Infusion was amazing. I felt like I had a filing cabinet at my disposal and found a facilitation in an instant. Memory recall was very powerful. When is your next available workshop?
C. Calvin, Sydney, Australia
Upon taking the Master Jesus Light Infusion I felt a new found connection. It wasn’t until a couple of hours after taking it, however. The feeling was extraordinary.
Thanks, Ra-el.
D. Marks, Surry hills, Australia
Wow! What a punch from the Supernaphim Infusion! I felt clobbered, lovingly extremely powerful. I had to have a break after 3 days of use and have quickly moved forward within every level of light body. Looking forward to my next Infusion!
Love and light,
C. Craig, Potts Point, Australia
Sanat Kumara Infusion gave me the ability to transcend thought forms in an instant and not allow idle energy to set in. Thanks, Ra-el and Sanat Kumara.
B. Myrtle, San Francisco, USA
The Mother Mary/Nada bottle is so sweet. I think in the past I have had a tendency to underestimate the feminine. Thanks for the new found balance.
J. Myres, New Zealand.
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