Ra-el, also known as RA-ELOHIM, is the twin flame of El Moyra. Her last incarnation previous to this current one was as the son of El Moyra in his incarnation as Akhnaton, the Egyptian pharoah who first introduced Unity Consciousness. However, Ra-el also works very closely with the many Councils and Coalitions of the Light, and these Ascended Masters guide and assist her return to Earth and the completion of her contract with God. In essence, Ra-el is the incarnation of Illumination and Truth in Action.

“I was born on October 15, 1963 in Lebanon, and I can still recall memories of the time of my birth and the ignorance of adult consciousness surrounding me, particularly when I would clearly telepathise and nobody would answer. What’s this all about? I thought, why will you not answer me? At the age of 6 I experienced my first conscious out-of-body and direct communication with God and all His Angels. I knew only too well at this tender age that I was from another Star System. However, having contracted for a very specific purpose, my true and conscious work did not begin until 1994. At this time I experienced a complete opening of my telepathic, telekinetic and empathic abilities, all at the level of full Mastery. Clairaudience, clairvoyance and highly developed clairsentience were to fully integrate not long after. Having also witnessed and communed with the Angels at this important time instilled in me the strength of true faith at all levels of my existence, a faith that proved to be vital to sustain me through the following months of adjustment to my new condition. At this time of initiation it was spoken to me very clearly as to the purpose of my incarnation. I was reminded of my intense training in other Dimensions and incarnations, and I was asked so lovingly to anchor God’s light in so many ways as previously planned. Wow! It was quite overwhelming, though I was more than ready to serve.”

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